Friday, 23 August 2013

Colour Makes People Happy

I have seen this shop before, I think I actually wandered past it when I was last in London, but today I actually paid it a little more attention. It certainly was worth the attention. And after doing a little bit of internet research (which was meant to be a quick five minute glance, but ended up in me reading the website from cover to cover), I can honestly say – I like the sound of this guy.

The Colour Makes People Happy Store was set up by Simon March, and in a nutshell, he mixes paint. Good quality paint, that costs London prices. But what he actually sells, is probably more of an insight into you. Not led by current colour trends, not dictated to by glossy magazines, not distracted by romanticised colour card names or deterred by the mishmash of other colours found in the typical ‘lived in’ home. Simon enables (and I’ve used that word quite literally) you to choose the right paint for you. Your home, your life, your personal style.

The website is well worth the visit, it’s a colourful breath of fresh air, the photography is inspiring, the descriptions aren’t patronising (in fact they’re pretty humorous, and well worth the read) and his ethos is clear. Colour makes people happy. And I agree, find out more for yourself here.

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