Friday, 23 August 2013

Hoppity Hoot characters

I imagine a lot of fun was had here, creating this wonderful bunch of characters. The Hoppity Hoot characters look as though they weren’t drawn with pen and pencil (as is the usual fashion), instead they look like they were created as a free-style form of paper collage. I imagine when creating these characters the designer regressed to being five years old again. Chopping up pieces of brightly coloured paper with no care for logical proportion or scale. Battling with the glue stick desperately trying to stick pieces of paper to each other, and not to fingers. And scribbling back into the pictures with a thick black felt tip pen. You know you’ve had a truly creative day when you have stray bits of paper hiding in your hair, glue all over your fingers and your workspace looks like the paper shredder and the coffee machine have just had a fight. Of course this is all purely speculation . . .

The fun in these characters transpires across the entire bedding range, it's just good fun through and through. Available to buy here at Mamas and Papas.

All images copyright Mamas and Papas Holdings Ltd 2012

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