Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sofa, so good . . .

I found this today - I'm slightly in love with it. I think it's because it contains so many of my favorite things, texture, stop motion video and inanimate objects with heaps and heaps of character . . .

I simply just had to share.

The details:

Sofa so Good is a very special comfortable and comforting sofa designed by Elisabeth Buecher and Amelie Labarthe. Curl up into the welcoming arms of the sofa and forget about all your worries.
Originally commissioned by Designersblock, Sofa So Good was made in collaboration with Ercol, a traditional furniture company based in right here in England. Elisabeth and Amelie chose to reinterpret one of their iconic pieces: the Studio Couch. Sofa So Good was first presented at
Birmingham Interiors and Milan Furniture Fair in 2010 and on the Nelly Rodi Sweet Freaks’ trend space at Maison&Objet in January 2012.
Find more here.

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