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  1. Hi Ruth!

    Love your work, especially the "Monsters of the Household Variety!" We missed our chance years ago obtaining the hot water running cold dragon. Please let me know if there is a chance to purchase any of your past work!



    1. Hi Emma,
      Great to hear from you, I'm glad you like the monsters, and I'm sorry you missed out on the dragon, when did you miss out?. I do have a few remaining monsters, and should shortly have some new editions coming out, which will be available to buy through my Etsy shop. All I can suggest is keep watching this space for news!!!


    2. Thank you so much Ruth! We ordered the Sock Stealing Monster from you 3 years ago and we absolutely love him! We missed out buying the Dragon from anthro a few years ago and we've been looking ever since! Glad to find your blog and Etsy shop!

      Thanks again!

  2. I would love to find some of your prints from the Monsters of the Household variety collection! I missed out when they were being sold at Anthropologie and now I can't find them anywhere. Also am super excited for your new Intolerable Nuisances collection. Any chance you have an etsy store? And if so whats the name of it?

  3. I really really really love you monster book. Can it be pre-ordered? How much are your individual embroidered monsters. I love embroidery. Can you please share some sights with me?


    Tracey Nichols

  4. Hi Ruth, are you still producing any of the 'monster' range?
    I bought the penny pinching monster years ago and would like to buy one for my daughter.
    kind regards
    Denise Walters